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                                                              PRESS RELEASE
                               REJECT THE SICKNESS – WHILE OUR WORLD DISSOLVES
                                              “UNLEASH THE FIRE, INDEED!”

Two years after their second album “The Weight Of Silence”, Belgium’s
Reject The Sickness returns with an album so mercilessly crushing and
heavy that you have to experience it to believe it. 2019’s in-between EP
“The New Chapter” already indicated that Reject The Sickness were
travelling on a new path towards musical maturity. With “While Our World
Dissolves” this journey has been completed with astonishing results
exceeding the promise of the earlier EP.

“While Our World Dissolves” is a bulldozer recording with which Reject
The Sickness definitely throws off the yoke of the metalcore tag. The
nine songs firmly embrace the spirit of melodic death/thrash metal.
The production for which the band signed themselves is modern yet ageless
at the same time. Reject The Sickness managed to combine a streamlined
sound with songs that bathe in an enhanced heaviness and impact never
before heard from this band. Even more jaw-dropping is the fact that
Reject The Sickness’ trademark sense for memorable melody is preserved
all the same.

So, brace yourself for Reject The Sickness’ quality attack of staccato
riff-driven death/thrash. The songs work perfectly together as a unit and
they all have their unique melodic signature to prevent the phantom of
boredom staining the listening experience.

With “While Our World Dissolves”, Reject The Sickness confidently have
conquered their authentic place in today’s melodic death/thrash
landscape. Aficionados of Obscura, Testament, Dissection, Meshuggah,
Morbid Angel, In-Quest, Gojira, Dark Angel, Pestilence and At The Gates
are facing an obligatory listen and, for sure, a rewarding journey
through the meanwhile unique metal vision of Reject The Sickness. Be sure
to heed this call before our world dissolves!





News from the band Devil's Bargain Heavy Metal


Devil's Bargain Heavy Metal - Sint-Niklaas Belgium

Devil’s Bargain releases their debut 7-track CD “Deal with the Devil” at the beginning of 2018.

With a new singer and guitarplayer they recorded their 2nd Album “Visions” in 2020.

New songs, young blood, different studio and other producer ensures that the sound is considerably stronger than before.

“You will head bang like mad, those guys know how to write good music” - The Metal Mag - 98/100 (2020)

"Visions is dan ook een schijf die iedere fan van het betere heavy metal zonder verpinken in huis kan nemen, want deze band bezorgt de heavy/power liefhebber een waar oorgasme" - – 8/10 (2020)





BAND Arthur Melchior Pagliarini (Brussel) - VOCALS

Juan Carlos Galdos (Sint-Niklaas) - GUITAR

Jurgen Van Poppel ( Stekene) - GUITAR Dirk Poppe (Hamme) - BASS

Nico Laureys (Dendermonde) – DRUMS


INFO & BOOKING Renald D’Hondt -


Promotion: Hardlife Promotion






After more than 30 years of silence, Scavenger is back and ready to deliver the goods. Originally hailing from Antwerp, the band was once part of the legendary Belgian label, Mausoleum Records. The band released their heavy debut "Battlefields" in 1985 and nowadays it is considered a cult '80s heavy metal album. In 2018 Scavenger was reformed with old and new members to celebrate "Battlefields" with many shows within Europe. Since 2020, the new line-up consists of: Tine Callebaut (lead vocals), Tim Naessens (guitar/backing vocals), Kevin Demesmaeker (guitar), Gabriel Deschamps (drums), Vincent De Laat (bass guitar). Last summer Scavenger showed a first glimpse of new material with their 2-track 7" "Backslider". This year sights are set on a full-length album which will be released by No Remorse Records. Be prepared for some old school Belgian steel forged in fire!